Business communication - Powerfully, Clearly, Effectively

Clear communication is the foundation to creating influence and success across all areas of business and life

Having a good understanding of how you communicate and how you are being received is essential to making change and having an impact. Many variables come into play when we begin to build our communication skills. We learn to notice how effectively we listen, how much empathy and understanding we have and how our personal confidence plays a role in how effective we are. Developing your communication skills can be one of the most important skill sets to develop.

In this webinar the specific areas we will cover are:-

• Look at how you presently communicate.

• How effective you think you are.

• How you can improve

• Factors that affect your communication

• How well do you think you listen and why active listening skills are golden?

• How your personal confidence is directly related to your success when communicating.

What you will take away with you:-

• Gain tips on how to communicate more effectively- to be heard clearly and to have greater impact.

• Get a better understanding of why confidence plays an important role in how you communicate.

• Learn specific tools and gain resources to help you to be a more effective communicator.

Our host - Maureen J Simon

Maureen provides a strategic leadership consultancy specialising in facilitating, supporting and mentoring women leaders in business development. She specialises in advanced communication skills, resolving conflict and peacemaking and guiding women to lead at all levels. 

As an American and Irish citizen, she blends years of experience in international business consulting, marketing, and community development, including serving to mediate political conflict in Northern Ireland and Eastern Europe.  Her work in the conflicts of Moldova and Belfast has provided a depth of understanding of the world and human nature that have greatly influenced her work.

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