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My resolution for 2022 is to make it the year of asking more and better questions!

The only dumb question is the one not asked, become childlike – ask more questions consistently it's fun and you might learn something! 

Do you ever think about how you learn? For me, it's by asking questions alongside observation, research, and study. 

Be curious enough to ask a question and do it honestly – its shows interest in others and their thinking, it supports the clarification of ideas or issues, demonstrates engagement and can set up further meaningful conversations and debate.

Pace a question so that it feels okay to answer in either a negative or positive and create understanding, further debate, resolution and ultimately progress

We have all seen people in public forums, tv programs, meetings, networking events and critical interventions with significant people go wrong because of poorly set out and then poorly conveyed questions and as a result the ‘frustration barometer’ goes off the scale.

The art of asking a good question

The art of asking good questions in any situation should be in the spirit of honest information gathering to gain a positive progressive outcome. It is a skill to be honed and worked on.  Going into a pressured situation pre-planned and well-worked-out questions can be the difference between a good outcome and frustration.

What does asking questions say about you? It shows you as interested and keen to learn from others – both key traits of good leaders and team players. 

Learn the art of asking questions it helps faster improved network connections and progress.

It is worth taking some time to think about the impact of a poorly asked or delivered question – instantly the receiver of the question may yet fail to understand the point being made, they may assume that if the question is muddled then the thought process behind it is also muddled and fails to give a full answer.  Or it simply just annoys them.  So, they don’t put any effort into the answer.

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What makes a poor question?

What does a poor question look like? First and foremost, the one not asked at all.  Then there are the questions that are more about ‘show boating’ what you know to the receiver rather than giving them the chance to give you knowledge, insights and maybe a fresh perspective.  

Next comes the questions that have multiple parts to it so it is actually more than one question and can easily lose/confuse the receiver.

Another is the ‘to catch out question’ – when asking questions be honest and fair about your intention, if you’re not it shows up instantly and will immediately change the dynamic of the intervention.

It’s worth remembering how a child learns – questions, questions, questions, and a child will often repeat them and may even ask them in different ways if they don’t understand.  It’s a great and efficient way to learn.  Fascinating that as adults we can often lose this style of gaining information!

So please make 2022 the year of asking questions with the intention of learning, progressing, and supporting each other. And rest assured, SBA are always on hand to provide support for your business or enterprise in the coming year and beyond. Why not get in touch and see how we can help?

Posted on January 2nd 2022

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