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Simple answer - YES, it is critical to business survival so YES get involved in training your team.

The importance of training is in the opportunity to strengthen your employees’ existing skills and learn new ones, helping to boost individual and organisational performance. Training allows employees to become more effective while also increasing job satisfaction and reducing employee turnover.

Create a training plan

Take the time to be targeted and specific about each individual training need as well as the company benefit, if someone is receiving and undertaking training show both sides of the equation for both them and the company to acknowledged and be recognised for. Training will always be more valuable if the purpose is visible and understood from the outset.

It would be prudent, regardless of how large or small an organisation to work through a training plan after completing an in-depth training needs analysis. This means you must spend the time to really know the business direction, the people in the business and what you want them to achieve for themselves and for the organisation.  I believe you can run a business from a training plan as it will mean you will have spent the time to know the critical stuff about the business and its key asset - the people.  

Often, I hear 'but not all staff need training' - I would argue yes they do. It might be refreshing knowledge and skills, it may be learning new stuff or it may be preparing for what is to come. It may even be passing on the knowledge they have. All staff need to be on a learning journey to help support organisation growth and development.

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The importance of up-skilling

The trick is making it realistic to achieve agreed training outcomes, delivering it in an appropriate way, recognising the learning journeys and linking it to the organisational needs clearly.

In 2022 work is changing for all of us across the globe, what it means to us, what it is and how we do it, what skills we need to do it and what skills we will need in the future. As a result, up-skilling is fast becoming an emerging phenomenon that all businesses will need to address - long gone are the days of getting a job and doing that something until retirement.  Another critical reason to have a people training and development plan.

‘An empowered organisation is one in which individuals have the knowledge, skill, desire, and opportunity to personally succeed in a way that leads to collective organisational success.’ From Stephen Covey author of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

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Posted on July 2nd 2022

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