London here we come!

Longer working lives, combined with shifts in the economy and labour market, have led to a greater need for adults to retrain and upskill. A recent survey shows that a third of adults are looking to change careers in the next two years, however almost 70% think they lack the skills to do so. This is where Retrain Expo can help, this event takes a different approach to careers compared to traditional ways of thinking – we take into account the world of entrepreneurship and support you through coaching, community and technology.

The Retrain Expo was created straight after the pandemic, helping to address both the skills gap and the mass redundancies that came as a result of COVID-19. Whether you’re an employer looking for more knowledge on retraining your staff, or someone eager to learn new skills for career progression, you'll find all the products and services you need at the Retrain Expo.

SBA attended their first Expo last November, and met a host of people coming from a variety of sectors, and all at different stages in their careers.  From there, we have helped a lot of these contacts we made further their skills through our Training Hub and also our start up courses.

We are excited to be heading back to London, to pick up where we left off and to meet a new generation of people looking to upskill.

If you would like to come along, attendance is free and you just click here to book tickets. 

Posted on June 1st 2023

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