Future Farming Resilience

Free, tailored one to one advice and business skills development workshops to help farmers and land managers navigate the changes brought about by the Agricultural Transition.

Navigating the Agricultural Transition

Between 2021 and 2027, the government will gradually reduce and then stop Direct Payments. Instead, farmers will be supported to improve the environment, improve animal health and welfare, and reduce carbon emissions.

There will be three levels of support aimed at paying for sustainable farming practices, creating habitats for nature recovery and making landscape-scale change such as establishing new woodland and other ecosystem services.

The move away from Direct Payments will be a big change for some farmers, so they will happen over a 7-year transition period to give time to plan and adjust. The Future Farming Resilience Fund has been funded by Defra to allow us to support farmers and land managers with this transition.

The support is free and available from November 2022 to January 2025 to any farmer or land manager currently in receipt of BPS payments. We are able to support farmers throughout Dorset and Somerset.

SBA CIC has been supporting farmers since we began over 25 years ago, and have built up a wealth of experience and expertise across all farm business types. Through this free support, we can tailor the advice to your specific needs and prepare you for the changes ahead.

Answering Your Questions

Let's answer your questions and talk about the opportunities from the Agricultural Transition:

  • How fast is my BPS reducing?
  • Are there new grants to grow the business?
  • Where does organic or regenerative farming fit with the agricultural transition?
  • What are the components of the ELMS scheme?
  • What's your succession plan?
  • How can I diversify my business?
  • Can I increase my productivity to improve my profits as the BPS reduces?
  • Can I get paid for protecting my soils in 2022?
  • Could I retire with the Lump Sum Retirement Scheme?
  • Will the Sustainable Farming Incentive work on my farm?

How can we help

Agricultural Transition Workshops

From November 2022, join us at one of our local agricultural transition workshops which we will be running throughout Dorset and Somerset. These sessions will outline the changes, how to handle the reduction in BPS payments, discuss new grant schemes and assess options for the future. All of our available workshops can be found below.

One to One Advice

We have a local network of highly experienced consultants and advisors who can sit down with you and get under the skin of your farm business. They will work with you to assess your current position, how the changes are going to affect you and your farm and discuss the options available to you. Carried out in-person or remotely, they will perform a thorough, independent review of all your activities and help to develop an agreed action plan for the future.

Business Development Workshops

In addition to the transition workshops and one to one support, we will be delivering a range of specialist, small group workshops where we can discuss and focus on particular topics to help improve your farm business and manage your transition. We will be developing these over the course of the programme, though here are some topics we may look at exploring:

  • Exiting the industry
  • Family succession planning
  • Business diversification
  • Adding value to food and drink
  • Productivity
  • Environmental schemes
  • Business planning and cashflow

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